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You can’t get good results without sacrifice

Hi all, Wilfred here - you can call me Wilf - it’s a nickname I once hated but have grown to love as I didn’t have a choice - everyone called me it anyways! This is my first blog post on What Matters, and simply put, I’m here to hopefully give you some great tips you can apply to your fitness endeavours. So, here goes:

“You can’t get good results without sacrifice.” Or as my mantra goes: “Consistency = Discipline > Motivation.” Ask anyone who’s been consistent with their fitness activities over a long period of time (past that initial honeymoon stage where you feel like a kid in a sweet shop), and they’ll tell you the same thing- more or less. Better yet, ask yourself how you’ve managed to stay loyal to your favourite hobby, and you’ll realise it to be true. This is no different- there is no special workout, diet or waist trainer. It’s just consistent effort that can only come from something as stable as self-discipline. Motivation is important, don’t get me wrong, it’s just a rollercoaster you shouldn’t rely on constantly. Some days you’re high, others you’re low- getting it done regardless is the key.

Still reading, or have I scared you off yet? I know what you’re thinking- Wilf, that sounds great, but how can I discipline myself in exercise? Fear not, I come bearing practical advice:


If you could hear me right now, the emphasis I’m placing on “FOR YOU” is deafening. The right plan is specifically tweaked and tailored to you. It’s one your body best responds to, your mind best connects with, and most importantly- one you wholly enjoy. Everyone is different, it’s cliché, but it’s true. What works for me might not work for you, and vice-versa, it doesn’t mean either one of us is faulty. We’re just different…Isn’t that the beauty in life?


In the age of social media, this might seem daunting, but I’m not asking you to post them – just take them. They never have to see the light of day. They’re for your confirmation that you are making progress despite what your eyes might be telling you when you look in the mirror.


The overused horse racing blinkers apply here. Comparison is the thief of joy - so why do it? Very few people on social media post the complete truth. They post the highlights, and this can be very misleading. Focus on your journey, fall in love with the process, and watch the results fly in. There’s also a level of self-confidence that comes when you know you’re doing something for you and no one else’s approval that plays an important role in exercise and fitness. You get a pep in your step, and many people shy away from that feeling. Don’t. Embrace it. It’s not arrogance- at the end of the day, you put in the work, why shouldn’t you be confident?


If you’re someone who prefers to train with others, I can’t stress enough how vital this is- both in and out of the gym. The right gym partner holds you accountable in ways you best respond (again, emphasis on "you"). They push you in your workouts to ensure you don’t sell yourself short, and they encourage you in your daily life to support your hard work with helpful lifestyle choices. All in all, they make you look forward to the wonderful road that is fitness. It’s akin to going to the library with the right person- who’s got that perfect blend of humour and seriousness to create the best environment for you to thrive. Choose wisely.

This is where I bid you adieu- is discipline important to be physically fit? To summarise- absolutely. Once you get that nailed down, like with pretty much everything in life, I’m 100% confident you’ll get the results you desire. Happy lifting What Matters fam!


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