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1:1 Career Coaching Session

For those who want to see real change in their professional growth & accelerate in their career.

For the person who doesn’t know how to play the corporate game or feels like they’ve been losing every battle in the office (virtual or otherwise) - this is for you. 

Career progression isn’t always linear and it’s certainly not easy, but it is something you can thrive in with the right support and expertise. 

With our in-house professionals we will pair you with the right person for your workplace challenges. 

We don’t believe that success in the workplace should be reserved for friends of the senior leadership team or those who the system deem to be palatable but sadly, without the tools to combat the systematic cultures at play - it can feel like a losing battle.

With us, this doesn’t have to be the case!

On this 1:1 Video Call, we will personally:

  • Give you specific advice to your situation

  • Build a plan to reach your goals

  • Walk you through all of your questions

  • Signpost you to other available resources and/or trusted organisations that can help sustain your growth

**If you are interested in recurring sessions, contact us here for a special offer package deal. 


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