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5 Secrets that successful people don’t talk about enough

If I see another post on how to make quick money or advice that suggests the only way to live well is to quit your 9-5 job and have 7 streams of income, I am going to scream!

Where did we get this from and why do I, as a 25 year old, feel the need to conform?

To blame it all on social media would be unfair as there have always been indicators of success. We see them in traditional media, corporate luncheons, and designer pieces that look like something you could get from Primark but costs £700. However, due to how accessible social media is and the high frequency at which we are fed information, social media has made the phrase ‘keeping up with the joneses’ all the more #relatable.

So, from one millennial to another, here are 5 secrets that successful people don’t talk about enough!

Time is more valuable than money

I know we’d all love an unexpected call from an estranged family member saying we’ve inherited a ton of money; But how we manage our time is one of the few things that we can control and it can be more rewarding than the things money can buy.

Choose what you spend your time on and you’ll find more ways to up the £££ in your bank account as a result.

PRO TIP – If you want to be more productive, join the What Matters mailing list to get your time-blocking template.

Be in it for the long run

Don’t look for ways to make it quick – find ways to make it last a long time.

It can be challenging to manage expectations when everywhere you look (or scroll) someone has a new product which, out of nowhere, goes viral and now they have a 6-figure brand. However, while it might seem like overnight success, it's often many years of hard work behind the scenes with very little credit. Stick at it and the accolades will come!

Seek support and listen to advice

This one is sometimes hit and miss for me as support and advice is always needed but knowing from who and for what is the most important part.

Listen to as much advice as you can but ignore any parts which don’t fit with your purpose. Intuition is your most valuable team mate so let that guide you the most and have external voices shape rough edges.

Don’t confuse self-care with self-soothing

When I learnt this I was triggered! You mean to tell me buying ice cream and neglecting work I have to do isn’t always in team #selfcare?

By all means book a spa treatment and have a boujie brunch – I know I love both and wouldn’t give them up in a hurry – but, if you know you’re using them as a cover up for underlying issues or just a distraction then it’s time you start getting to the root of your concerns and really self-care! In the words of the incredible Grace Beverly, ‘sometimes self-care is doing work you need to do’.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Don’t guilt yourself into work with no play. Even the most productive people take time out to smell the roses and you should be no different.

Carve time out for yourself and do what makes you smile with no guilt attached!

Photo Credit: @KimKardashian

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