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If you have any further questions feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" form.

Q: Is this service free?

Yes! Your first session is free with us every quarter. This means if you have a consultation with us in Jan, your next free session will be in April.

Q: How do I know which session is right for me?


This is for the person who may be unsure about any of the following or issues related to any aspect of your career cycle: 

  • A potential promotion

  • Salary

  • How to deal with your manager

  • Colleagues at work

  • Looking for a job

  • Unsure how to leave a job or organisation

  • Going through an unfair dismissal 


Personal development 

This is for the person who may be struggling with forming or maintaining habits that are vital for progression in most areas of adult life.

  • Lacking in confidence

  • Unsure how to best network

  • Lack of discipline holding you back

  • Don’t feel like you’re reaching your full potential

  • Want to learn the best strategies to work smarter not harder

Small business coaching

If you are considering starting a business or have just started but don’t know what the next best thing for your circumstances are.

This session will:

  • Give you specific advice to your situation

  • Build a plan to reach your goals

  • Walk you through all of your questions and queries

  • Add you to our growing community of entrepreneurs to offer resources, events and opportunities

CV Reviews 

This session will:

  • Have your CV fundamentals in top condition to help you bag the jobs you want in no time.

Linkedin Audit

In this session you can expect to get bespoke feedback, advice and changes made to see the results you want from your profile

Incredible opportunities, speaking engagements, new jobs, more money & so much more, are on the other side of you making an investment in your online professional presence. 

The session will include:

  • An analysis period of your profile

  • A detailed spotlight pack sharing areas which has the highest growth potential

  • Bespoke advice and suggested changes to your profile

  • A private 1:1 call explaining our findings and solutions

Q: Can I have regular sessions?

Absolutely! We recommend 1 session bi-weekly to experience the full and long lasting effects of our services, as one thing that’s constant is change in our adult lives. 

Q: Can I choose my consultation?

You can send as a request, but due to scheduling we can’t guarantee you will get who you ask for. If there’s a specific reason tied to what you’d like to discuss, drop us an email after you book on our system so we can try to honour your request.


Q: Where can I find out more about my consultant?



Q: Are the sessions virtual or in person?

They are virtual as we have a growing community overseas.

Q: Do you offer in-person sessions?

Currently we don’t but if you think that’s something you'd like to see, let us know in an email, in your consultation or on our feedback forms.


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