Joanna Briggs

Founder, What Matters CIC

''My family and I weren’t well off, but I grew up with a wealth of knowledge, support and confidence in my abilities which elevated my prospects and allowed me to achieve later in life.

Many like myself have been told, 'if you work hard in your early years you will reap the rewards later.' When young adults consume these messages, it’s assumed that labour automatically means success which breeds an unrealistic expectation of obtaining the life you want. What’s missed in these messages is the nuances of corporate progression and the mindset and skills needed to be successful. I don’t want young adults – particularly from disadvantaged groups - to feel deflated when they face setbacks because they weren’t prepared for what the working world and adult life encompasses.

Not everyone has had the same provision I had so What Matters CIC has been created to be the provision for you.''

''Bridging the gap between access and opportunity''

We look to work in partnership with young adults to equip them with the knowledge that isn’t taught in mainstream education but is necessary to increase their chances of having a successful adult life.  

Through programmes, and social media presence we aim to create a shift in the way young people perceive their stance in society and expose young adults to what is attainable to them through access and support.

Teacher Helping Student

''You can't win a game of chess if you only know the rules for checkers''

We don't believe it's fair that only a select few in society get given the road map to their chosen paths. Working hard is not the only mandate to being successful. We want to shine a light on all the hidden detail that isn't often spoken about but has a big impact on so much. If you're not given the whole picture, how are you expected to make informed decisions earlier to help you on life's way? Sadly, your ignorance favours those in power, so consider us your guide through the roads to success.

Thinking Man on Couch

Our Future

Woman with Headscarf

We are working to launch our first programme which will pair disadvantaged young adults with work experience opportunities within corporate industries. Through our programme young adults will gain first-hand experience in working environments in companies that wouldn’t be accessible to them due to their socio-economic background, lack of access or lack of belief that they would get employed or accepted on schemes. We are dedicated to not only exposing our young people to opportunities but creating them. If you are someone who wants to get involved in our mission or other parts of our enterprise then please get in touch.